Milkshake 50ml - 80ml

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Milkshake Liquids the rich, soft-serve e-juice flavors are blended with a plethora of home-crafted sweet goodies and all topped with fresh lush whipped cream.Milkshake Liquids are the innovation of Black Market e- liquid based in the city of Los Angeles, having created a range of dessert to shock and awe the taste buds from Apple Pie Milkshakes, Cookies and Cream Milkshakes, Churros loaded with Cereal or Cookies, Cupcake concoctions to keep the vaper’s tongue at bay and more!

Blended Flavours

  • Banggo Shake: A mix of sweet ripe mangos with a dash of toasted coconut, rounded out with extra vanilla bean ice cream.
  • Bomberry Shake: A mix of all of your favorite berries that are blue! Add a little condensed milk with our signature vanilla shake base, toss all the ingredients together in a blender and voila!
  • Breezy Shake: A natural strawberry E-Juice that is blended together with rich and sweet vanilla ice cream for a milkshake that’s similar to what you would get at your favorite diner.
  • Panda Shake: Bits of cream filled chocolate cookies thrown into a creamy, vanilla milkshake.
  • Shammy Shake: Vanilla bean milkshake with a lick of mint.
  • Bananza Shake: A strong sweet scent of a ripe banana has now been infused into an ice cream base to create a naner shake that may make you yell “Bananza!”
  • Lemoney Shake: Luscious lemon bars. Condensed milk, tossed into a blender with our Vanilla Ice Cream, equals Lemoney. Bet on that!
  • Stradella Shake: The famous strawberry baked well pie topped off with our Vanilla Ice Cream! No forks, knives, or straws needed. Enjoy!

Look for any flavour of your choice we have it all for you and that too original items, we value you