Vaping plays a role of one-man army, due to its marvelous and multiple ways of benefits to the world. Consider it a medicine for smokers, excitement of flavor hunters, or fun for cloud chasers it acquires many qualities at a time. E-liquids or e-juice is the main source that deliver the flavor essence which is the heart of vaping. The flavors consist of combination of VG vegetable glycerin, PG propylene glycol, nicotine, food flavor and water.

VG is responsible to promote vapor with flavor, its thick and sticky in nature where as the PG is responsible to promote throat hit. However, nicotine in other way fulfills or satisfy the smoking needs, in other words it plays a role of substitution of cigarette without giving the same level of harmful effects.

It is considered to choose 3mg nicotine consumption over the utilization of one or two cigarettes, 6mg over 10 per day 12mg over 20+ cigs and 18mg if you puff like a chimney.



Do you know how nicotine is made? Well its is the extraction of herbs including the tobacco plant and contains nitrogen chemical properties, it is also produced synthetically.

It plays a vital role of giving the overall satisfaction, there is massive range of e-liquids that does not contain nicotine but most e-liquid suspensions utilize ‘freebase nicotine’ which could be tricky to but the method, all tobacco manufacturers practice to deliver nicotine is in the purest form 

There is this issue with ‘freebase nicotine’ that most consumers find it unsatisfactory in terms of there drug intake or cigs, however on the other hand the high nicotine intake causes them trouble for they find it harsh for their throat and lungs resulting in cough attacks while consumption.

Whereas when it comes to nicotine salts they have resulted best in terms of smoother hit on the throat while giving higher levels of nicotine in the bloodstream. So, if you are struggling to quit smoking over vaping and finding the same level of nicotine satisfaction with then nic salt e-liquids is the best choice to go with.


The e-liquids are being sold in several manner, if you go to chose online you will get the options of the level of nicotine required, and the bottles are designed in such a way that in a 60 ml volume bottle the e-liquid will cover the 50ml of space known as short fill whereas the 10ml is the space for the nicotine if the customer needs it otherwise there are some people who vape just to enjoy the flavor

If you were a smoker and has switched to vaping then you should utilize the nicotine purchasing it separately in 10ml bottles due to the fact if in case you do not like the flavor you are trying for the first time, you wouldn’t be wasting the full bottle of nicotine but a few quid.



The best means to purchase the e-liquid is the physical store where you can try out the flavors that you would want to buy other than this if you tend to buy from online store and you don’t like the flavor it would only be a waste of fiver or so.


Dinner Lady was created to fulfill your sweet tooth needs followed by delicious flavors.

Dinner Lady Mango Tart is one of the top flavors due to it beautifully balanced taste, that gives you a ride of mangos in cream baked inside a shortbread crust which eventually invokes your inner child. Once this dessert is tasted its taste is just unforgettable


Circus cookie brings the taste of line that gives you the essence of soft baked cookie coated in pink frosting topped with colorful sprinkles


Mystery is an e-liquid series that will lead you in mystery of amazing flavors, turning your thoughts in amazement of the combinations of flavors it will have to offer you, imagine the mixture of berries in taffy candy with complex fruity flavors you won’t be able to guess.


The Moo series of e-liquids adds on another variety of series of e-liquid known by its name, its flavor statement revolves around Moo coffee milk mixed with cold brew coffee and fresh creamer giving a caffeine hit. If you are coffee lover this is one of the best you should give a try on.


Here is a new flavor line that’s gives the essence of Tobacco without having to give its harmful effects. This flavor combines bold tobacco with bourbon to excite your taste buds.

The top best e-juice for 2019

All the flavors mentioned above are the best flavor lines in the year 2019 but just like every taste bud varies from person to person same is the case with individual choices of flavors and the innovation of flavors is a never-ending story, so keep trying new flavors you never know which flavor will make your day!!
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