Vaping Without Nicotine: A Popular Non-Addictive Habit 

For many ex-smokers, vaping without nicotine in the e-liquid is a very popular way to smoke, with a wide range of e-liquids which don’t contain nicotine, vapers are spoilt for choice between all the different flavours, from Chocolate to Vanilla, whatever the personal preference there is something in the range for all different types of palette.

Many people take on nicotine free vaping as a popular alternative to vaping with nicotine, with many people setting themselves a personal goal of weaning themselves off nicotine completely as a lifestyle adjustment, mainly to improve health.

Differences For People Switching To Nicotine Free Vapes:

  • Be prepared for a change in flavour - nicotine vapes taste different to nicotine free vapes, as nicotine does contribute to the flavour of an e liquid, it may take some time to adjust to the different flavour, however with nicotine vaping being healthier than the alternative it is worth sticking with it.
  • Nicotine free vaping is much healthier, particularly on the heart and lungs, you’ll likely see some physical benefits from making the move to nicotine free vapes, you may notice a subtle difference in your heart rate with a more consistent heartbeat, even though in the majority of cases this is completely normal, if you are concerned contact your GP.
  • You will likely breathe much better and clearer, with an increased lung capacity and more efficiency in oxygen reaching your bloodstream, this can result in more energy and vitality.
  • For people who are anxiety-prone, the absence of nicotine can result in an improved mood and mental resilience, many people experience increased anxiety as a result of smoking nicotine, vapes that.
  • Vaping without nicotine can reduce coughing in people suffering with smoking related irritation to the lungs, as there are much less toxins in nicotine free e liquids, enabling people to enjoy vaping without the nasty side effects associated with nicotine consumption.
  • The flavour is stronger without nicotine, as the toxins and substances in nicotine dull the flavour making it almost none-detectable in some cases, to enjoy a cleaner flavour and a nicer tasting vapour, consider opting for a nicotine free e liquid.
  • It makes quitting smoking completely much easier, for people who set this as a goal for themselves, as there are no addictive substances in nicotine free vapes.
  • There are much less impacts on emotional and mental states with nicotine free vaping, with the absence of the stimulant nicotine meaning there are no stimulants to the nervous system to provoke a sympathetic nervous state.
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