Three Of The Best: Quick Comparison - Vaping Starter Kits

Here we look at the fundamental similarities and differences, comparing three of our best selling vape starter kits:

All three of these vaping starter kits are good options for a beginner, and are best selling items on our website, to check our stock and pricing, along with current offers on these items click the links below to be taken to the respective pages.

Innokin Endura T20 Kit 

Innokin Endura T20 Kit

The Innokin Endura kit, in this case it’s the T20, one of our best selling Kits, designed with simplicity in mind, this is a great starter option for anyone just getting into vaping, to begin with, it’s sleek and elegant design makes using the kit light work for anyone unsure.

Refills are particularly easy with the T20, which makes liquid refills and coil replacement a breeze.

The refill system is a top loading system (similar to most starter kits), capacity is listed as 2mil, it’s recommended you keep the juice filled at 1.5ml or below to prevent leakage.

To replace a coil, simply unscrew the tank base (main portion of the vape cylinder), making sure you hold it upside-down. 

Very easy for a beginner to vaping, the base simply screws on (make sure it is empty first before replacing a coil on the T20), holding the coil in position. 

Overall very similar to the SMOK stick m17, the design is similar, lightweight model, it is a low wattage vape kit which takes around 2 hours to charge completely, this should be enough for a days’ usage at approx. 14 watts.

SMOK Stick M17

SMOK Stick M17


Designed with efficiency in mind, the Smok stick m17 is a starter kit which is low on consumption, long lasting and compact.

Similar to the T20 in that it has similar battery capacity and battery life, (approximately 2 hours full charge for a days’ use).

This restricted draw starter kit is for those looking for an easy, no nonsense, efficient kit, easy to use, setup and go.

The SMOK m17 has a slim and sleek design which is proof to get all the functions you need from a vape device it doesn’t need to be anything but straightforward, slim, and plug-to-use with a standard USB charger.

Top loading refill system with a 2 mil capacity (again recommended you don’t fill to capacity in order to avoid leakage).

Coil replacement is simple, with the rest of the unit screwing in place to accommodate the new coil once inserted, with the average coil life being anything from 1-2 weeks, very similar to that of the innokin model mentioned above.

Vaporesso Luxe 220W With SKRR Tank

Vaporesso Luxe 220W With SKRR Tank

Designed for the starter-pros, the Vaporesso Luxe 220w is for people wanting to get started with a Kick-a$$ vaping experience that doesn’t break the bank.

The vaporesso Luxe boasts a hi-powered OMNI board 4.0 chip with accompanied 2” TFT display with bubble glass to do justice to it’s robust yet beautiful design.

The quad airflow system is an experience in itself for newcomers, with this often being a vapers “upgrade starter-purchase” for people who want a bit more from their early vape activities.

A smooth hitting long-life vape kit, with an SKRR tank, and a 2ml liquid capacity, this avant garde starter setup is a robust choice which minimises any spitback and leakage which people commonly experience when starting out.

With popular reviews throughout the internet (coming in often at 5 stars) it’s not only Vape citi which considers this an important device: it’s extremely popular among smokers both old and new.

This kit has the latest in fast charging technology which cuts the charge time down to 1.5 hours to full capacity, with a Dual 18650 High Amp Battery which lasts many new vapers 2 days with no need for an extra charge.

Coil replacement is easy, To change a coil unscrew the atomizer head from the mod, then unscrew the tank & remove any remaining juice.

This kit can be programmed at different power settings using the inbuilt touch screen technology, and onboard chip.

To take a closer look at any of these starter kits, click through at the links to visit the product page for more information.

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