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Since 20th May 2020, menthol cigarettes have actually been banned across the UK. If you were a menthol cigarette smoker, the products you generally got has disappeared from racks. If you are a vaper, absolutely nothing will change as menthol vaping products are not included in the ban.


Below is every little thing you require to know.

Why are menthol cigarettes being prohibited?

The menthol restriction is the result of the EU's Cigarette Products Directive, which was applied in the UK with the Tobacco and also Related Products Regulations 2016. It will stop manufacturers and retailers from marketing any type of tobacco product with a 'qualifying menthol flavour', indicating that any kind of 'filter, paper, package, pill' or any kind of other part with a mentholated flavour will certainly soon go away from shelves.


Various other items-- like non-mentholated cigarette products, menthol vape flavours and tobacco-free pure nicotine products-- will not be consisted of in the ban.

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It is one of a variety of lasting approaches being introduced to attempt and reduce the variety of individuals smoking. In the UK, the federal government has actually set a target of going entirely 'smoke-free' by 2030.


Will this affect menthol vape products?

Menthol vape flavours do not have tobacco, so their sale is not influenced by the menthol cigarette ban. The very same relates to other tobacco-free pure nicotine products, while the legislation covering non-mentholated tobacco products is not transforming.


This suggests that you will certainly still have the ability to purchase menthol vape flavours after the menthol ban. We have a variety of different menthol flavours available pick between e-liquids like Riot Squad Menthol Series and BL4CK by Frumist or Nasty Juice Salts such as Menthol, A cold sensation with hints of sweetness providing you with a cool and refreshing taste.

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