Stoptober 2021

Giving up cigarette smoking is extremely hard for anyone to do, and some individuals might not even desire or comprehend how to start their new smoke free journey. It's difficult, the finest way to give up cigarette smoking is with support. We are attempting something different this Stoptober, we're asking all vaping enthusiasts and anybody with somebody in their life that smokes to reveal them the light and help them stop - for great.


We will cover:

  • The very best way To Quit Smoking cigarettes
  • Reasons To Stop Smoking
  • Tips On Supporting Somebody Quit
  • Products To Enable Them To Stop Cigarette Smoking


The Finest Method To Give up smoking

Public Health England (PHE) released an annual evaluation on the health benefits of vaping. Their evaluation takes location every year and includes data that has been collected throughout the year prior to associating with the tobacco market. The research is carried out by leading tobacco specialists and information an in-depth check out how individuals stop smoking cigarettes.


Research performed by King's College London concluded that:

E-cigarette products containing nicotine were the most popular (27.2%) at assisting smokers to stop smoking cigarettes in England (2020 )

In 2017 more than 50,000 smokers, who would otherwise have actually continued smoking cigarettes, had the ability to stop cigarette smoking by vaping.

In 2020 38% of cigarette smokers thought that vaping is as hazardous and 15% thought vaping is more hazardous than cigarette smoking

Some of the greatest quit success rates (between 59.7%- 74%.), In regional stop smoking services, originated from utilizing vaping products.

From this proof, it is clear that e-cigarette use and vaping is better than any nicotine replacement products and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).


Why Should They Stop cigarette smoking?

Second-hand Smoke

Second-hand smoke is a killer, for adults and for kids. Breathing in second-hand smoke increases the threat of lung cancer, heart problem and strokes. In kids, direct exposure to second-hand smoke doubles the danger of getting chest illnesses like asthma, infections, wheezing and pneumonia.


Health Ramifications

Cigarette smoking has a variety of awful health ramifications, from damage to your airways, to compromising your immune system, smoking can even impact your fertility, and with the pandemic still impacting us all it can increase your chances of getting seriously ill from Covid-19.


Premature Ageing

Tobacco and other chemicals in cigarettes may add to wrinkles and premature aging of your skin, it can likewise impact the healthiness of your gums and teeth and stain your fingernails and hair.


Tips To Help Your Family Member Stop Smoking Cigarettes

So now we understand some of the facts, and you have a strong urge to assist someone near to you lastly provide up cigarette smoking, you might be thinking: What Can I do? How can I really help? It can be extremely overwhelming to even know where to start, so here are some ideas on supporting your liked one make the switch:


Help Make a Plan

Having a goal, like a one month, 1 year, 5 year plan allows for your loved one to have easy wins, and commemorate when they stay with it.


Support Do Not Judge

Being judgemental can send your loved ones the other way, if they mistake, it's best to stay favourable and use them support.


Remind Them Why They Decided To Give up

When you're in the thick of it you can forget the factor, you chose to stop in the very first location, so offering a gentle reminder could help them to return on track.


Get Them Informed

Letting your liked one know the stats and facts could help them not just stick but devote with the plan.


Given up Together

Having a buddy to give up together, exchange stories and talking about your sensations can be incredibly motivating and motivating, so if you desire to give up, get a friend, if someone you enjoy or understand wishes to give up, get a group together.


Find Them An Alternative That Works

Giving up cold turkey is beyond challenging, and it's in fact not advised for long term recovery. Utilizing an alternative or nicotine replacement therapy that in fact works is the very best way to conquer those yearnings and lead a healthier lifestyle.


Products to help them on their way

On our site we equip several items that are proven to assist people give up smoking for good. Vaping is a known way to assist individuals quit, and we have a huge variety of kits that can provide you everything that you desire out of cigarette smoking, without the harmful adverse effects.


PHE has actually just recently launched a report that says making use of vape sets are more reliable than any other nicotine replacement treatment to quit smoking. But if vaping isn't your thing, we likewise have other vaping alternatives that can please your cravings.



Disposables are all the rage right now, they are super easy to use and entirely mess and inconvenience totally free as they're pre-filled and pre-charged. We have a variety of disposable sets, disposable packages, and disposable vape package offers on our website to get you began. They have a high nicotine material, and you utilize them the exact very same way you would use a cigarette, except they are available in tasty flavours, and don't leave a terrible odor on your hair or clothes. They're also more affordable than cigarettes, as they can offer up to 600 puffs per device.


Pod Packages

Pod packages are an excellent method to quit smoking and get into vaping for people that desire more control over their gadgets. They tend to have higher wattages, which can typically be adjusted, but the most appealing feature of them is the ability to choose your e-liquid. They are best used with nicotine salts or 50:50 PG/VG E-liquids.



Pouches are an entirely vapour, smoke and inhalation free option to assist you stop cigarette smoking. It is utilized by putting the pouches between your gum and your lip, permitting the nicotine to absorb and provide you tidy, easy nicotine relief.


Stoptober is a much better time than any to quit and help your enjoyed one stopped for good. The process is not easy. Let us understand how you give up cigarette smoking and assistance others in the remarks below!

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