Smoking to E-cigarettes

Utilizing E-cigarette to Quit Smoking

We do not need to inform you that cigarette smoking is a horrible routine which has a many harmful influences on your health, BUT You already know this. Nevertheless, are you not tired of reeking of stale smoke and having  bad breath? You have chosen to try and stop smoking cigarettes. That is excellent, however, right from the start we want to recommend you NOT to even try with nicotine patches or nicotine gum. Neither of these even works and have many undesirable side effects by themselves.

You have actually probably seen a great deal of individuals smoking an e-cigarette in the United Kingdom, and some people even testify that they managed to stop cigarette smoking because of it.

Buy E-Cigarettes Online to help you quit.

The absolute reality is that e-cigarettes have aided thousands of individuals to stop smoking. The mixture of utilizing the exact same physical action and changing the nicotine addiction by tackling it with a liquid is rather efficient.

If you have decided to purchase an e-cigarette and are browsing through the different types of the products on our website, and your plan is to make an attempt and give up smoking cigarettes, we suggest that you choose the one which is the greatest in regard to "nicotine strength". This may sound like the opposite of what we were recommending so far but trust us.


After a While of Usage

It takes a while to get used to replacing the "genuine" cigarettes with an electronic one. After a few days or a couple of weeks of usage, you ought to start the process of stopping nicotine by trying to lower the nicotine level you are using in the electronic cigarettes. We will not lie, you will see the change, and it will most likely cause somewhat of a irritation; however, the body will quickly adapt to it.

It needs to be up to you when it concerns reducing nicotine levels. It may take you a few days or a week to choose to do so; it might take you a few months. Do it when you are relaxed enough and continue doing it with new nicotine levels. There is no point in hurrying as it could trigger a backfiring effect. Nicotine triggers stress and anxiety however you should approach this with dedication.

Last Piece of Suggestions

Do not push yourself to attempt and stop as quickly as possible. That can trigger a failure in a lot of situations. Do not be afraid to attempt to try and stop though; there is actually no benefit to this unhealthy practice. It is no longer thought about cool, nor is it a global trend. Do not think twice, act now.

Some suggestions from us for beginners

We have taken time out to make a beginner’s guide to what to buy for the first time. These items are easy to use and very popular on the market. Also, we have considered that e-cigarettes might not be for you but you might want to experiment so we have added products that would not break the bank.

We have done 5 examples for you:

  1. Beginner on a budget.
  2. Beginner but wants to stick to it.
  3. I want to look the part.
  4. I want to be discreet
  5. I want to just try it

So here goes:

Beginner on a budget

SMOK Stick AIO Kit (£11.00)

SOUR MAN - Sour Straws - 200ml (£8.00)


Beginner but wants to stick to it

Vaporesso Luxe 220W With SKRR Tank (£29.00)

Johnny Vapor by Ruthless 100ml (£12.00)


I want to look the part

GeekVape Aegis Cerebrus Tank 200W (£44.00)

Element Nic Salts Many Flavours Available in 10ml vials (£2.50)


I want to be discreet

Uwell Caliburn G Pod (£20.00)

IVG 50/50 10ml (£2.50)


I want to just try it

Disposables are perfect for those new to vaping.

Fruity Puff Disposable Pod 20mg (£4.00) Fruity Puff is a gadget without the difficulty and concerns of refilling and recharging.

Lucky 7 Disposable Pod 20mg (£2.50) Approximate more than 300 Plus Puffs 20 MG (2%) Flavour Nicotine Salt 2 ML of pre-filled e-liquid Integrated 550 mAh Battery Non-Refillable Non-Rechargeable.

We hope we have been of some help to you. Thank you for reading.


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