Nic salts 

Nicotine salts or Nic salts have quickly risen to the star of the vaping world. The Vaping industry has been buzzing over the new product; due to its ability to deliver a smoother throat hit.


Despite its increasing popularity and unique advantages, there has been a lot of negative information about Nic salts. The mass hysteria over vaping can make it extremely challenging for new vaping babies to make sense of it. They can also not be able to make an informed choice or conclusion.


No doubt, Nicotine salts are not for everyone. However, there are many reasons why they can be right for some vape users. 


To help you explore and understand nicotine salts, under this article, we will try to explain what Nic salts are; go ahead show you the benefits and safety concerns. Lastly, we will enlighten you on why you should try Nic salts. Let's get started.


What are Nic Salts? 


Nic Salt is a type of naturally occurring nicotine found in the leaf of tobacco. They have been developed for those interested in nicotine consumption. Also, they are the best cigarette replacement for those who have a long interval between Vaping. Designed to curb the craving for longer periods of time.


Its natural state makes it easier to blend with liquids, creating a suitable E-liquid that can be vaped. Unlike distilled nicotine in a typical E-liquid, Nic salts' nicotine can be absorbed easily into the bloodstream. The "salts" alter the liquid's pH level to make it more compatible with human physiology and allow for better absorption. 


Nic salts versus freebase nicotine.


 Freebie nicotine is also known as conversation nicotine. Nic salts contain nicotine and other blended chemicals.  However, freebase nicotine only contains nicotine.


Studies have shown that nic salts have a higher ability to deliver nicotine to the user more effectively and efficiently.  Also, the addition of chemicals such as benzoic acid to Nic salts reduces the pH, making it less harsh for vaping. 


More studies are currently ongoing on how to increase the efficiency of Nic salts. It is far much better than freebase Nicotine.

 Nic Salt Vape State

 Benefits of Nic Salts.


  1. Better and faster nicotine delivery.

Freebase Nicotine takes a longer period to get that satisfying feeling since the body absorbs it in a build-up way. It might not be helpful for those craving that hit. That's why we got Nic salts !!! 

Nic salts allow nicotine to enter the bloodstream at a rapid speed between 6 to 7 seconds. It is similar to that of cigarettes; hence it is preferable for those quitting smoking cigarettes to switch to Nic salts. 

  1. Technically cheaper.

The Nic salts might be a bit expensive or is it? £1.99 a bottle at Vape State; however, your E-cigarette will deliver Nicotine more efficiently; in the long run, it translates to Vaping less, consuming less juice, and hence saving more.

  1. Storage- way better shelf life.

They are chemically stable than conventional E-liquid, making their storage much better and longer. Also, the quality of the nicotine does not fade. 

  1. Smooth, mild throat hit.

The addition of food-grade benzoic acid to salts makes its absorption efficient. Making it smooth for instant hits.


 Nic salts for Ex-smokers.


Those who have just quit smoking have found Nic salts very beneficial. It allows them to absorb more nicotine without being forced to use a piece of sophisticated equipment. New vapers find nicotine offered by freebase harsh, whereas nicotine salts offer a smoother draw.  


 Is it safe to use Nic salts? 


If you are worried about the safety of nicotine salts, read on. Nic salts are probably no more harmful than inhaling freebase nicotine.


However, there have been concerns about benzoic acid used in powering nic salts. To date, no conclusive research has refilled its effects on humans. 


It has been suggested that a low level of vapor inhaled when Nic salts are used could make Nic salts juices safer than their counterparts.  It is certainly safe than smoking cigarettes.


 Why choose Nic salts? 


Nic salts are ideal for scrubbing addiction.

Interestingly they are also the practical option for those who do not frequently vape due to their long-lasting Nicotine hit.


It has been used as a replacement for those who smoke more than one cigarette packet per day. 


Moreover, Nic salts offer a smoother vape that is equally as flavoursome as standard E-liquid. 


Lastly, Nic salts are just perfect for your budget. They are technically cheaper and compatible with many pod systems.


Bottom line 


Despite the negative media Nic salts have been receiving, there are a thousand reasons why you should try it. Focus on the positives only; in any case, nothing is perfect for scrubbing your addiction and beneficial for ex-smokers among Nic salts' major advantages. 

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