Multi-buy Offers

Special Offer Vape Citi


At Vape Citi, we know that our clients want only the best, but we also know that our consumers do not want to break the bank to appreciate the best flavours on the market.  That is why we are always willing to come up with new deals that allow our customers to stock up on the flavours that they enjoy while avoiding huge spends at the same time.



Now, we are excited to offer our multi-buy offers. These special offers let you to grab two, three OR four bottles/packs of vape juice for as little as £10.  That is a whole lot of premium e-liquid for such a low price. 



Here’s how it works: First, you select your preferred product.  Then, simply use the drop-down menus to choose the flavour that you’d like to purchase. Add to the cart and choose another product of the same value or the same one if you like. You can also add nicotine shots according to your distinctive vaping needs.  It’s really that simple.



At Vape Citi, we have got a bit of name for offering a massive variety of flavours and hardware at unbeatable prices.  So, we know that you will have no difficulty picking out e-liquids or Mods that will take care of your desires perfectly.  All our vape juices are premium brand flavours such as Nasty Juice, Frooti Tooti, IVG, Element, Twelve Monkeys and many more. We have a variety of accessories in-store and online too.



Since 2016, Vape Citi has been working hard with our suppliers to find a way to satisfy our customers while protecting their wallets. We bulk buy all our products from the suppliers so we can offer our customers these great unbeatable prices.



So, if you are a fan of vaping new flavours but do not want to try them due to high prices this is your chance now, take advantage of this special offer.  Simply choose your e-liquid brand then pick the flavour, pick whether you want nicotine or not (unless you chose to buy TPD products, which already have nicotine added to them) and appreciate those fantastic savings while you are giving your taste buds and your ecig the luxury they deserve. 

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