E-liquid UK vaping trends in 2019

The vapers in the vaping world are known to be in innovators category for their early adoption of vape if we consider in technology terms. Its very surprising to see how vapers keep looking forward to try for next big thing so much so that the e-cig been consumed in the early stage seems to be ancient as compared to the current standards, this rapid growth is incredibly amazing thing post 2010.

It’s the similar scenario with the e-liquids too, I still remember how I embrace and appreciated my first e-juice, even though I remember how fake it tasted for the reason that there were no such alternatives then.

E liquid has evolved

The vape juice comparatively were very common in taste with a current standard and now we have vast variety of vape juices and that of even so much complex that some taste in one flavor while inhale and taste another flavor while exhale. Most importantly they taste like natural fruits, in other words they are amazing and taste great!

As with the rapid growth and fame of vaping industry the demand of choices, flavors and quality of vape juices increases. Let us explore the changing trends of E-liquids UK from 2018 and how far we have come.

High VG e-liquid

The vapers who tend to adopt sub-ohm and direct lung styles vaping is seen to be demanding higher VG e-liquid in the market

Basically, the VG provides thicker clouds and smoother flavour hit, whereas the PG is content to be average so the flavours running in demand were in the flow from 50/50 VG/PG then 70/30 took over and become more common in like every ratio of e-liquids, then in 2018 the rise of ration 80/20 and 100VG is took place.

Short fill e-liquids

From the year 2017, the TPD regulations had changed the buying criteria of e-liquids by restricting nicotine salt to 10 ml in the e-liquids

This new criterion was unaccepted by the heavy e-liquid users, for they did not find any satisfaction rather felt wasting 10 ml liquid unnecessarily

This became the stepping stone for the popularity of short fills in UK. A short fill is a bottle that contains 80% filled of e-liquid with 0mg nicotine however, acquires the enough space for nicotine to be filled. Whereas the Nic shots are flavourless allowing you to nicotine strength up to 3mg. So, in other words if you are nicotine vaper, it is best to add 10ml of flavourless nicotine short in any flavour profile short fill which will boost your vaping experience.

The sizes of bottles that are common in size are the 60 ml volume bottle contains 50ml shortfill, 100 ml contains 80ml shortfill and 120ml contains 100ml shortfill.

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Vape juice with nicotine salts

It has been observed that the individuals that tent to switch from smoking to vaping are more indulge in choosing e-liquid with higher nicotine shots to alternate with their smoking needs.

The Nicotine salt has many good reasons to be switched to, like its less harsh on the throat, it’s much easier to inhale.

There are two ways how the nic short is taken but there is a difference like 20mg salt nic is not same as vaping 20mg nic short in e-liquid. It’s much smoother last longer whereas nic salt is like smoking

Gourmet e juice

We have known of cloud chasers, and now the flavour chasers are wide spread too

I wonder when I look back at the time when I was a chain smoker and use to think it’s impossible to quit smoking but vaping proved me wrong, since its huge variety of flavours creates an excitement within me to chase every other flavour making my experience always good and interesting. The most exciting thing about this vaping is there were single flavour profiles before and now the complex flavour profiles are coming and the innovation seems to be never stopping.

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Every year changing brings with it the new trends and innovations, of which we always keep obtaining and updating in our website(Vapestate) and also early looking forward for the new trends to come in 2019


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