Dispelling The Myth: COVID-19 Does Not Spread As A Result Of Vaping

There is much talk of the potential spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) as a result of vaping, as being reported on multiple websites and outlets at the moment, with global concern for the pandemic increasing.

Contrary to recent commentary on the subject, it is not possible for COVID-19 infection to be passed from person to person as a result of smoking e-cigarettes.

What Does Cause The Spread Of COVID-19?

The release of coronavirus pathogens into the atmosphere is usually as a result of coughing, as a respiratory reflex to eject toxins and pathogens from the body, simply smoking a vapour would not contribute to this spread, as the inhalation of any type of e liquid whether it be nicotine free or containing nicotine would not interact with an infection of any type, including COVID-19.

This commentary claiming there is an effect as a result of vaping is a mis-representation of recent information, as coughing would cause the release of pathogens into the atmosphere regardless of whether the individual was inhaling a vapour, or cigarette smoke, or nothing at all.

Should I Take Precautions When Vaping?

There is no reason for additional measures when vaping, however it is advisable that if there is coughing or sneezing, (in the unlikely event of an infection) that if the symptoms persist, you seek the advice of a medical professional and potentially get tested, this is advisable in any case whether the individual is a smoker or otherwise as a precaution.

Vaping or smoking has no relationship with susceptibility to COVID-19.

Does Vaping Affect The Immune System?

The act of vaping does not interact with immunity, however standard cigarettes have all the usual toxins associated with cigarettes, the specific effects of cigarette smoke (not vapour) on the human body vary from person to person and are not specific to immunity.

We recommend you minimise the use of normal cigarettes as a general health concern, however this subject is outside of the scope of this article, however it is known that cigarettes are in general bad for the body, specifically the lungs.

Social Distancing

The key thing in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 is social distancing, as the one factor which completely eliminates the possibility of infection is the proximity to another afflicted individual, it is recommended that everyone follows the Government issued guidelines to minimize the possibility of infection.

** This article in no way substitutes the advice of medical professionals, Governing bodies or the UK Government **

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