Confused about vape juice? Vape Citi made you a list of top 10 Best Selling flavours

I bet when you go to buy a product such as e-liquid online. You find it overwhelming to go through all the flavours on the website, as there is so many to choose from. With choices like Tobacco, Apple & Lime, Blazin Blackcurrant, and Orange Chill, smoking an e-cig sounds like a wonderful experience but a tough choice.

In January 2014 there were 466 e-liquid brands and 7764 unique e-liquid flavours. 17 months from the study, there was a net increase of 10.5 brands and 242 new flavours per month.

According to Wikipedia in 2020 there are more than 15,000 flavours in 2020. WOW!!!!!

How would someone choose from so many?

So, Vape Citi have decided to put together a list to breakdown on our top value for money flavours as a way to help you decide. What we show in this list is our best top 10 flavours that we stock. These top flavours have been our bestselling flavours so far whether that be due to taste or price. Well when it comes to price we refuse to be beaten.


Here is a list of our top 10 sellers:


Nasty Juice Salts - Cush Man

Nasty Juice - Bad Blood

12 Monkeys Classics Nic Salts - Kanzi

Rainbow Stripes by Zebra Juice Sweetz

12 Monkeys Ice Age Collection - Matata Iced

7th Floor Cocktails - Mai Tai 1944

LOADED - Cran Apple Juice Iced

FAR by Element – Neon Green Slushie

Apple Sours Ice by Dinner Lady

Heisenberg by KONCEPTXIX


Our regular shoppers know that Vape Citi is always running some sort of promotion. We are ALWAYS priced lower than all our competitors but that is never enough for us. So even though we are priced lower we are always running a multiple buy option on 99% of our products which means even more discounts. We have a reputation to keep.

Hopefully, this list will help you in making a simple choice. This list is made up by our customer preference and analytics from our online shop, you cannot really go wrong with any of these flavours. But if you have got any another flavour you like that you do not see here in this article, you can check out our main site at and search for it amongst the many pages of 1000s of products we stock.

Good luck and hope this information was of some help to you, if you are looking for a particular flavour and you don’t see it on our site please do let us know my messaging us on Facebook or Instagram and our purchasing team will try to stock this item for you.


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