Cigarettes Vs Vapes: Which Is Healthier?

The Origin Of Vapes 

Vaping was invented by smokers, the first prototype device was invented by Herbert Gilbert, who pioneered vaping devices through the invention of a black cylinder with a silver tip which contained a liquid which could be inhaled through the normal means and was battery powered.

It wasn’t until 2001 when the first commercially successful vape was invented by a MR Hon Lik, another pioneering innovator in the field of vape technology, Hon Lik was a pharmacist and an expert in Chinese medicine, Herbert Gilbert was a scrap metal dealer from beaver falls, who in his spare time developed the earliest Vape device in the 1960s.

The Origin Of Cigarettes 

Cigarettes seem to have appeared initially in Mexico and Central America in the 9th century in the form of smoking tubes and reeds. The Mayans & the Aztecs smoked tobacco and other psychoactive drugs in many various religious rituals and in the many carvings it was frequently depicted that priests and deities smoked, and this is depicted on pottery and temple engravings.

Vapes Vs Cigarettes: The Effects On The Human Lungs

Please Take A Look At The Video Below To See The Comparison Between The Effects Of Smoking Vs Vaping On A Single Variable Test.

More on Vaping Vs Smoking

A study carried out by the NHS found that in the long term vaping is much healthier than smoking.

Key Differences, Cigs Vs Vapes:

E-cigarettes often contain nicotine but don’t feature many of the harmful substances produced by traditional tobacco smoke, including tar or carbon monoxide. There is an ongoing long term debate and investigation on how safe e-cigarettes are.

Vapes are often without nicotine, and feature nicotine (for nicotine vapers) in controlled dosages which usually has transparent labelling so customers know exactly what they are buying before they buy it.

There are also some key differences between the way vapour behaves vs traditional smoke produced from burning (in the example of a cigarette).

Difference Between Vapour & Smoke

With vapour it is best seen as a diffusion of a substance which is in a liquid or solid state, this is done without the release of significant amounts of hydrocarbons (one of the main sources of toxins), in contrast to traditional cigarettes which need combustion and burning in order to release it’s smoke, which releases toxins such as carbon monoxide and other harmful compounds, not to mention the fact that tar is included in cigarettes and approximately 2000 carcinogens.

In Summary

Given current feedback from both medical studies and anecdotal evidence, it appears that vaping is significantly healthier than traditional cigarette smoke, however it is important to remember vaping is still a relatively new innovation and there are ongoing studies and trials into the health effects of long term vaping.

It is advisable to consume any nicotine product in moderation and to listen to your body when judging appropriate consumption.

**This information is provided for commentary and entertainment purposes only, and in no way is designed to replace medical advice, we advise you carry out independent research if you have reservations or worries about vaping.**

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