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Nicotine Salts is a typical term used for vaping e-liquid that includes a specific type of nicotine (Nicotine Salts). This sort of vape juice is primarily vaped by smokers transitioning to vaping or vapers with high pure nicotine dependence. Because pure nicotine salts e-liquid is extremely smooth to vape at high pure nicotine toughness as well as it soaks up extra successfully right into the body vs freebase nicotine e-liquid, smokers get the pure nicotine contentment they are used to and a very smooth vape. Win-win!



A lot of e-liquid on the market has freebase nicotine rather than nicotine salts. Freebase is the pure pharmaceutical essence kind of the pure nicotine substance that has been utilized considering that the 1960s. Freebase nicotine is far more potent when heated up in a vape tool. If you were to vape a high toughness e-liquid (5%) that had freebase nicotine - the throat hit would certainly be really harsh, almost difficult to vape conveniently. In a nicotine salt vape juice, it's incredibly smooth and pleasurable.



Pure nicotine salts e-liquid is the very best alternatives for cigarette smokers transitioning to vaping or any individual with high nicotine dependence. Since cigarette smokers generally need a high dosage of pure nicotine to get their pure nicotine complete satisfaction, a pure nicotine salt fluid is the better alternative.


Pure nicotine Salts benefits:

It produces a much smoother vape at high nicotine content.

The pure nicotine is absorbed by your body a lot more successfully.

The solution of these vape juices is especially formulated to be vaped in small hand-held vessel systems known as Pod Devices.

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There are several Nic salt e-liquid flavours to select from, with nicotine toughness beginning at 20mg and also going up to 50mg. Generally heavy cigarette smokers with a high pure nicotine reliance need to begin at the leading end (50mg) for everybody else beginning at 20mg.


Check out our Nicotine Salts flavour alternatives and read some reviews from vapers who are presently making use of pure nicotine salt e-liquid as well as that have efficiently transitioned to vaping from smoking!


Nicotine Salts is a typical term made use of for vape e-liquid that includes a certain type of nicotine (Nicotine Salts). Since pure nicotine salts e-liquid is very smooth to vape at high nicotine content as well as it takes in extra efficiently into the body vs freebase pure nicotine e-liquid, smokers obtain the nicotine fulfilment that they desire and an exceptionally smooth vape. Many e-liquid on the market consists of freebase pure nicotine rather of nicotine salts.: if you were to vape a high content e-liquid (5%) that included freebase pure nicotine - the throat hit would certainly be very rough, nearly difficult to vape pleasantly.


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