Beginners guide to vaping!

What is vaping?

Vaping is the act of breathing in vapour produced from an electric cigarette (vapor cigarette) or vaporizer (vape). This might seem really difficult for novices, before we go any much deeper let's talk about some typical vaping terms.

E-cig (Electric cigarette), vaporiser (vape) or Pod: A portable electronic device that warms nicotine or non-nicotine-based liquid into vapour. It includes two general parts the mod (device) and tank. Some devices require external batteries while others have internal ones.

Mod: A term utilized to explain the part of the electronic cigarette that holds the battery and provides power to the coil.

E-liquid/e-juice: This is the liquid that goes inside the vaporiser or electronic cigarette to produce the vapour. It typically includes glycerine, propylene glycol which prevail food additives, water and flavourings. Some e-liquid might consist of nicotine.

Coil/atomiser: The part of the vape that warms up the e-liquid to produce vapour. This needs to be altered after a certain quantity of usages.

Do not stress these terms will look like quantum physics initially, nevertheless after a couple of weeks they will end up being force of habit.

How does it work?

E-liquid/e-juice is dripped into a tank, when you press the button, the battery is activated and sends out electrical power to the coil/atomiser. The coil includes a metal wire twisted around cotton which becomes saturated as you fill the tank. The electrical power heats up the metal wire, which turns the liquid into vapour.

How do I begin?

Off you will require a vaporiser or e-cigarette, there are many gadgets in the market.

To keep things basic, we advise beginners get a starter package from us, as they contain all the essential parts (mod, batteries, charging cable, coils, tank). We provide a series of starter kits from global recognised brands such as Smok, Vaporesso, Eleaf, Voopoo and are constantly broadening this list. We suggest the VooPoo DRAG S 60W Pod Kit & SMOK Rigel as they are both easy to utilize devices with a single firing button, which removes the possibility of the coil burning by messing with the wattage settings.

You will also need e-liquid, we provide a wide variety of brand names that can be found in a variety of sizes and flavours. Fruity e-liquids are quite popular, and we stock brands like Big N Tasty, VGOD, Juice Roll Upz, Doozy Vape and Dinner Lady.

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