2021 Vape Juice

Vape juices are cheap as chips and becoming common. Still, there periodically comes a vape juice taste so excellent you can't put it down. With so numerous vape juices offered it can be next to impossible to discover the diamonds in the rough.

Well, fear not fellow vapers. The crew at Vape State has done the heavy lifting and chose the very best vape juices of 2021. Power up your favourite mod, this is going to be a doozy!


Frooti Tooti 100ml All American Range

Frooti Tooti never dissatisfies with their tastes, normally providing huge tastes for tiny prices. The Frooti Tooti All American Range liquid is no exception.

This revitalizing and reimagining of everybody's preferred childhood flavours is a taste rush unlike anything out there. Take yourself on a journey down memory lane with each hit, delighting in the sweet taste you grew up caring!

Making it our choice for finest Vape juice of 2021 when we've got a sweet tooth there's merely no rejecting this terrific vape juice.


Frooti Tooti 100ml Sub Tropic Range

There are quite a couple of alternatives when it comes to nicotine complimentary tastes. With numerous alternatives, the last thing we wished to do was select a run of the mill flavour. The Frooti Tooti Sub Tropic Range offering is anything however that.


The moment you look at the product packaging of Frooti Tooti 100ml Sub Tropic Range, you understand you're in for an unique experience. In this 120ml pack you'll find flavours of Apple & Pineapple Banana Kiwi Papaya & Coconut Banana Pineapple Orange & Mixed Fruit Grape Gummies. It's an experience you won't discover anywhere else, making it the clear victor for our finest nicotine complimentary flavour of 2021.


Coffee House 100ml

There are many Coffee vape juices on the market, a lot of them tasting extremely similar. We 'd inform you how lots of we taste tested to find a victor for this classification, however numbers don't go that high. After numerous tastes all of us concurred, the very best Coffee vape juice around is the Coffee House 100ml.


Caliypso 100ml

Sweet & Drink vape juices can be extremely hit and miss. Sometimes they taste like the sweets, in some cases they taste like a rotten sweet. Caliypso 100ml vape juice is hands down the best one we tasted in 2021.

A disposable vape provide the simplest, trouble complimentary vaping experience. No settings to stress over, no vape juice levels to monitor, no battery charge to worry about just put in your mouth and vape. Potentially the easiest method to transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping non reusable vapes are an outstanding way to learn to enjoy vaping.

We have actually got our experts and our customers to inform us their favourite disposable vapes so you can quickly find exactly what you require. Below is a list of our latest Disposables which are on our Mix ‘n’ Match offers.

We have Disposables starting from £2.50 each

Ultimate Bar 10mg/20mg 575 Puffs

SMOK VVOW 20mg 600 Puffs

TNGO Ice Blast 20mg 600 Puffs

Chillax 20mg 700 Puffs

Trefoil 20mg 620 Puffs

VapeMan Solo Z 20mg 1500 Puffs

Vapeurs 20mg 2000 Puffs



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